Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Fallout Shelter Hack - Unlimited Lunchboxes and Caps

Fallout Shelter has a simple gameplay but it's highly addictive. That is why so meany people go on a search for Fallout Shelter hack, cheats, glitches and all sorts of methods to get more resources.

Fallout Shelter Game for iOS/Android

Build your Vault and keep it's dwellers from outside dangers. Sounds simple enough but is it? Well, when it comes to this game, it is. The game is free-to-play and available for all iOS and Android mobile devices. For those who don't like to wait to get resources and don't like paying for them either, we have released a new Fallout Shelter hack tool. With it you won't be needing other Fallout Shelter cheats or glitches. It can add all required resources on it's own.

Fallout Shelter Hack for Unlimited Lunchboxes and Caps

It's even easier to keep your dwellers from the dark wasteland with the help of the Fallout Shelter hack. Now you can have unlimited Lunchboxes and Caps to keep them happy and safe inside your vault. You can renovate, build and keep your inhabitants secure and fed.
To keep your game account safe, the Fallout Shelter hack tool is anti-ban protected,uses proxies and new undetectable script. This way you are safe from detection and ban so you can happily use the Fallout Shelter hack as much as you want.
That equals unlimited resources at all times to play around with.
There is no need for jailbreak, iFunbox or root. It also works with all Android and iOS mobile devices. You can download Fallout Shelter hack on your mobile phone or tablet or on your PC depending on what you are using right now. Just a side note, to work the Fallout Shelter hack needs to be connected with your mobile and opened while you are logged into the game.
Updates are auto and downloads are limited. To get to the download file you need to go through human verification first. Do it and you'll be taken to the safe download page. This is all set up to protect the program from bots and exploits. Don't worry about being able to use it.The interface is very basic and easy as you can see here.

Fallout Shelter Hack Features

Unlimited Lunchboxes
Unlimited Caps
Remove ads
Undetectable script
Anti-ban protection plugin
Auto updates